Zijadin Behluli, aka Ziki, Maintenance Technician of the Month September 2020

  |     |   2020 Employee Recognition, Maintenance Technician of the Month

Zijadin Behluli, aka Ziki

Fashion Hills Terrace

Ziki, has been with Progress for 14 years. He takes pride in his workmanship and never gets called back to work orders he has completed. He has great rapport with the residents and works well with all coworkers. When you see him on the property, he is practically running from one work order to the next. While he is running from work order to work order you can tell, even with his mask on, that he has a smile on his face. He treats everyone with respect and is just so happy and grateful to be working. Ziki does turnovers quickly and pays great attention to detail. His infectious positivity makes him a very valuable asset to Progress Management. Fantastic, Ziki!

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