Sarah Roman, Manager of the Year 2019

  |     |   2019 Employee Recognition, Employee of the Year

Sarah Roman
Shady Lane & Park First

Sarah has been part of the Progress Family since September 2016. Sarah has brought her 2 properties up to be 2 of the top performing properties every month. Even when dealing with high turnover, expensive evictions and even some LTVs. Today, both Shady Lane and Park First remain full regularly with happy tenants who enjoy their homes. She maintains low delinquency at both properties. She experiences consistent turnover but with the efforts to introduce the benefits of signing contracts over the past 2 years, she has been able to change their minds and begin to see less turnover each month. Since January 2017 Sarah has bonused 33 out of the 36-months at Shady Lane. Park First has hit the bonus 22 times between 2017-2018 and all 12 months in 2019!! Not only does Sarah achieve the 97% required to receive her manager bonus, she has reached 100% and higher at both. She remains a team player always willing to help other properties, cover vacations or when a property is undergoing transition. Sarah is extremely reliable, trustworthy, bright and knowledgeable in her industry. At the end of 2019 she passed her CAM exam getting her certification!! Sarah is a valuable member of the team and has grown tremendously since we have worked together!

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