Employee Recognition

Laura de Leon, Manager of The Month January 2021
Property: Fashion Hills Terrace

Congratulations to Laura De Leon for (Acting) Manager of the Month. Laura took over and stepped up to the plate at Fashion Hills Terrace for a short period of time and she knocked it out of the park. Laura is always ready and willing to take on any challenge with a smile on her face. She regularly volunteers to cover for other properties and is happy to do so when asked. Laura does great at pre-leasing and always keeps occupancy above 97% at Fashion Hills Terrace. Keep up the FANTASTIC work, Laura!

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Eduardo Alvarez, Maintenance Technician of the Month January 2021
Property: Town Plaza &Ballantyne Court

Eduardo Alvarez is deservingly Maintenance of the Month for January 2021 He works at two tough properties, but you won’t catch him without a smile. Eduardo’s positive attitude is contagious. He is always willing to help out when needed. Recently he used his HVAC experience to save Progress $4,900 on propane wall heaters. Eduardo continues to exude a team player attitude and we are lucky to have him on our team. Kudos to Eduardo!

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Juan De Lamora, Maintenance Technician / The Conrad Award 2020
Property: Sunrise Village

Juan De Lamora at Sunrise Village has been a huge asset to Progress Management family. Over the recent years Juan has had his fair share of major emergencies. One example was when the parking lot was flooding and he jumped into action by going over to the park next to the property and manually unclogging the drain, helping prevent any further damage to our tenants vehicles. In addition to jumping into swift action, he is an active participant in the leasing office helping the manager navigate some of the more challenging situations with regards to the Fire Department and vendors concerns. He truly is a team player.

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Felipe Contreras Sanchez, Maintenance Technician / The Conrad Award 2020
Property: Rancho Las Palmas

Who can forget the dreaded Thanksgiving Flood of 2019. Felipe immediately attended to the tenants by helping them move furniture out as the water was pouring and rising into the apartments. This emergency lasted well into the night and the next day. Although exhausted, he never complained and continued to power through. He also consistently helps at his sister property Sunrise Village and Del Rio. Felipe has been someone that the South Bay team can count on to help whenever help is needed.

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LaToya Ray, Property Manager / Manager of The Year 2020
Properties: Nimitz Pointe & PB Townhomes

LaToya has been such help to her Supervisor, her co-workers, to the other Supervisors, and the tenants! Literally everyone has something positive to say about LaToya! She doesn’t have a large portfolio, but there is an extra level of difficultness in dealing with offsite units and higher dollar demographics. Regardless, she does it well. When there is a vacant, it weighs heavy on her and she researches new ways to market the unit. She’s aware of the business management aspect of her position and constantly encourages tenants to pay their rent, and because of that she’s had a low amount of delinquency. She’s adopted our new technology and is one of the few managers in the company that has 100% online payments – That’s right!! She didn’t have a test check to use for CheckScan!! Whatever is asked of her is always met with a can-do, no problem, let’s get this done attitude! And she actually does it. She’s collected rents at 96% or higher 7 out of 12 months at the PB Townhomes in 2020! LaToya, Congratulations on this Milestone Achievement!

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